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Our Services-Residential and Commercial


Carpet Cleaning

We use the latest in technology’s Carpet Cleaning System  designed to deeply extract the soil, spots, and stains from your carpeting. We are extremely careful in the quality of the products and machineries we use. Our Number One Priority is to do a through out cleaning in order to prevent any tear and wear that will help you in preserving the life and color of your rugs.

Area of Service in Carpet, Upholstery Hardwood Floor, Mattress and Tile/Grout Cleaning. Boston and most Massachusetts Cities and Towns.


Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Sanding


The frequent mopping, sweeping and even vacuuming of your Hardwood Floors can cause your floors to look dull and with superficial scratches. Although, you can not stop foot traffic on your beautiful Hardwood Flooring, you can prevent the dullness from getting into the finish of your floors by doing a through out Professional Cleaning at least a few times a year. We use professional equipments, and non-toxic and environmentally friendly Hardwood Floor Cleaning solutions to keep your flooring in good shape to delay the application of the floor finish in order to save you money.


Tile/Grout Cleaning

Tile/Grout Cleaning

Whether Residential or Commercial, our highly trained technicians will make sure, through the use of deep cleaning solutions and our top of the line equipments, to bring your Tile/Grout back to life. At Crespo Enterprise, we use the most up to date environmentally safe cleaning solutions that deeply extract the build up of moisture that causes grime and mildew that can trigger different allergies. 

Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning



At Crespo Enterprise we help you extend the life of your furniture by doing a throughout cleaning of your upholstery preventing any future wear and tear caused by daily use, dust mites, stains, sweats and bodily fluids. We use the most updated Top of the Line cleaning equipments and cleaning solutions that are able to reach under the most narrow places in between your furniture padding.

Mattress Cleaning



Deep cleaning your mattress has never been easier with our newest cleaning equipment from  Crespo Enterprise. Our highly trained technicians will clean your mattress using a Hot Water Extraction System that will get rid of unwanted odors, stains and dust mites. This process assures you can go to sleep and not worry about unwanted residues on your bed. 

Pet Odor and Stain Remover


Pet Odor/Stain Remover


Using Pet Odor neutralizer products are a great source for blocking the smell in your location when you have pets. However, the constant application of this products can cause carpet stains and dullness. Our technicians at Crespo Enterprise are experienced in removing Pet Odors from most different types of carpets. They will use Environmentally Friendly Pet cleaning products that will leave your carpet clean and odor free.


Stair Cleaning